Activity_Persever for Fighting HIV-AIDS

Students are paying attention to the speakers.

Yesterday, I welcome and facilitated a group of people from Komisi Pemberantasan AIDS (KPA) (a goverment organization serving for HIV-AIDS issues). It is an initiative sub-department at health office in North Aceh district-Indonesia. There were 8 of officer involved in the team who visited my school yesterday.

They came to my school to socialize; problems, signs, challenges, numbers, and many more informations about HIV-AIDS to my students at school. there were 70 students consist of grade X, XI, and XII both boys and girls. they were totally enthusiastic and interested in paying attention to the single word came out the speaker in front of them.

Today, HIV-AIDS is a catastrophic “desaster”. Unfortunately, most of poor countries prones to be predominant victims and edversely affects their societies.  For me, shall we know the problems, effects, and hazards, we could acticipate it. at least, it’s the sole purpose that I hope gained by students in the socialization.

A speaker is presenting the materials while showing slides.

For your information, the school I am currently working with is an Islamic boarding school that combining national curriculums (formal school) and Islamic subjects with balanced-curriculum (Non-Formal Classes, but compulsory). In addition, they are also studying foreign languages both Arabic and English. Besides English teacher, I am currently serving as vice-principal for senior high school (SMA).

The school bases in remote areas of north Aceh, it takes about 10 hours driving from Banda Aceh,  and uneasily reached by government for certain things/programs, that’s why the such socialization is totally rare program for the students and teachers as well.

Mulyadi, one of our student is asking a question.

Big Smile and Hope from Aceh,

Indonesia English Language Study Program
Ohio University, USA
Spring 2010