Helpful Hints for Reading Test

The following hints are taken from ‘101 Helpful Hints’ by Garry Adam and Terry Peck. I posted them on this blog as an attempt to remember them while practicing my paraphrasing skill. In fact, the book contains a complete hint for every tests in IELTS. I classified, nevertheless, those valuable hints according to skills. I started it with Reading Skill in advance. Again, there are many helpful advices suggested by authors, but I only posted some of rare hints among others common helps, which you can find easily on other resources. Here you go!!!

  1. Do not read the passage before you have reason to read it. In another sentence, you should read the questions earlier instead of reading passage in hurry.
  2. Pay your full attention to Title, Heading, Bold words, Picture, Instruction, Example, Questions and Answer you need to give.
  3. You might use your scanning method by different way. Sweep you eyes across the page slowly and smoothly, starting at the top left, and working your way across and down page in a waiflike motion.
  4. Since every single paragraph has a main idea or topic, you should read the topic sentence of relevant paragraph first. You might find it on the first, second, or last sentence either.
  5. Find out the keyword or key-phrase from a question, then you work out to discover information you need for the answer.