Kesempatan Study Banding Ke Amerika

Buat Anda yang tertarik di isu politik, pengurus partai, pernah ngawas pemilu, pernah jadi panitia pemilu atau Pilkada, aktivis LSM, and yang berkenaan dengan isu tersebut, ayo coba kesempatan terbaik ini. Kalau terpilih kamu akan melihat langsung gimana sistem PEMULI Amerika. Come on…Buru2 Bro!!!


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The American Council of Young Political Leaders [ACYPL] is seeking young political and policy professionals from Indonesia to participate in the ACYPL 2012 United States Elections Exchange Program. The program will take place October 30 to November 9, 2012 in Washington, DC and Colorado Springs, CO. The 2012 US Elections Exchange will include selected participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines, and Samoa.

This leadership development program will explore components of American political campaigns including strategy and message development, policy formulation, fundraising, field organization, polling, advertising, media and technology. Participants will observe first-hand the final days of the 2012 US elections.

The ACYPL 2012 US Elections Exchange is an exchange program designed to strengthen leadership capacity and professional skills for mid-level professionals. The program is funded by the United States Department of State and El Pomar Foundation. All international visitors will be issued a J-1 visa.

Program applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for participation:
• Between ages 25-40
• Fluent oral and written English skills
• Leadership potential in government, private sector, and/or civil society
• Hold current professional position in government, legislature, political party, campaigns, labor unions, political media, political advocacy, and/or policy making
• May not hold dual-US citizenship
• May not have travelled on a US State Department issued J-1 visa in the past 3 years

Tentative Program Calendar
October 30
Delegates arrive in Washington, DC

November 2
International delegates depart for Colorado Springs, CO

November 9
International delegates depart for home countries

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